What we offer

Myers Security Systems has been providing exemplary IT services to businesses in many sectors both locally and nationally. Some of the many things that we offer are Xpient Software, Managed IT Services, Network Cabling, Network Design and Installation, Headset Drive-Thru Needs, Security Cameras, Security Networking and installation.

We treat every client and project with respect and integrity. Every service we provide is tailored to each client and you can trust that our team of highly-skilled professionals is there to partner with you to keep your business running smoothly.

Point Of Sale

Our services include POS installation, Network Cage, Kitchen Video Systems, Cat 5 & Cat6 installation, installation and repair of networking lines, labeling of networks, and more! Myers Security Systems can create, install and monitor any IT solution needed in any setting. Talk to us and youll find out how we run our business with integrity, loyalty and professionalism and can create a POS solution for you!

AV & Sound

Myers Security Systems also provides sales, installation, service and repair of Audio-Video & Sound for all type of enviorments such as QSR, restaurants, commercial & residential. We ensure the quality of your experience from the inside out. Enjoy clear, crisp sound at any volume with affordable and reliable commercial-grade equipment from industry leaders including Klipsch and Bose.

Headset Support

We’ve all had this experience at some point, you’re at a drive-thru saying your order and either the person on the other end can’t hear you or you can’t clearly hear them. For a company that does business through drive-thru sales, it can quickly start to affect your bottom line. Don’t let this bad sound system scenario happen at your business! A bad or malfunctioning sound system is frustrating for both the business and the customer.

Drive-thru Vehicle Detection

We specialize in drive-thru vehicle detection systems for quick-service and fast casual restaurants. Myers Security Systems knows all of the ins and outs of drive thru detection systems. Our experienced team of technicians has installed many drive-thru loop systems and has the best solution for your needs.

Network Design and Installation

At Myers Security Systems, our team of IT professionals know everything there is to know about network design, installation and repair. Network cabling is a component of your IT solutions that requires expertise and organization. Our services include Cat 5 installation, installation and repair of networking lines, labeling of networking lines, coax cabling and more!

Security Cameras

We specialize in designing and installing security cameras and monitoring systems in commercial and residential spaces. Our experienced team does a great job at listening to your needs and installing a security camera solution that works for you. The systems we provide are digital, so you have the benefit of innovative technology right there in your security camera system.