We’ve all had this experience at some point, you’re at a drive-thru saying your order and either the person on the other end can’t hear you or you can’t clearly hear them. For a company that does business through drive-thru sales, it can quickly start to affect your bottom line.

Don’t let this bad sound system scenario happen at your business! A bad or malfunctioning sound system is frustrating for both the business and the customer. This can all be easily avoided with the right sound system technology and support from Myers Security Systems.

Myers Security Systems is the company you call when you need a sound system solution for your drive-thru operations. We install, repair and support headsets, speakers, microphones and sound systems. Our teams of experienced technicians have the expertise to provide the best sound systems available. Call us today to discuss sound systems for your business.

A few of our services:
-Install HeadSet Systems
-Install Drive-Thru Timer Systems
-Install Menu Boards
-Install & Trouble shoot OCU Displays
-Repair or Replace Wiring
-Install & Trouble Shoot Bad Speaker & Mic
-Install & Trouble Shoot Loops & Loop Dectors